Gyoseishoshi ADR Center-Tokyo, directed by Gyoseishoshi lawyers,* is a private mediation service organization certified by the Minister of Justice (Certification No. 30) based on the Act on Promotion of Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR Act).
*Gyoseishoshi lawyers usually work as immigration lawyers, administrative scriveners, and certified specialists of legal documents and administrative procedures.

If you would like to consult with us, please feel free to call Gyoseishoshi ADR Center-Tokyo (Tel:03-5489-7441) from 10:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
We would appreciate your understanding that all of the telephone reception, explanatory session and mediation session will be conducted in Japanese.  If you think you need any interpreter, please accommodate any interpreter by yourself.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, provides litigants with alternatives outside of the court system. Compared to other ways of resolving disputes such as litigation, we place priority on maintaining relationships, expediting the process, lowering costs, and obtaining high-quality outcomes. Mediation is one method of ADR.

We can deal with four major issues occurring in Tokyo

  1. A traffic accident caused by a bicycle (not involving a motorcycle or automobile)
  2. Trouble concerning an animal (pet)
  3. Trouble concerning the deposit or restitution in interim of a rented residence
  4. A conflict involving a foreigner living in Japan in regard to working conditions or the educational environment, for example:
    • Harassment of foreigners in the workplace
    • Frustration due to treatment of foreigners in the workplace
    • Bullying of foreign students
    • Frustration at school management regarding foreign students

About our mediation

Our mediation is a procedure in which a neutral and a fair mediator intercedes in a conflict between the parties concerned, works with them to jointly develop a satisfying resolution, and achieves a consensus necessary to solve the problem.
The following methods are applied in the mediation:

Promotion of Dialogue

Promotion of sufficient dialogue between parties concerned provides the first step to resolution of a conflict.

Extraction of Issues

Sufficient dialogue will help bring to light contentious points that will provide a key to conflict resolution.

Clarification of Opinions and Interests

The opinions and interests of both parties should be clarified for each issue.

Balancing of Conflicting Interests

The mediator makes effort to elicit sufficient dialogue so that the true intentions of each party are clear to the other.

Our mediators

For each case we will appoint a mediator who is experienced and trained in a specific field appropriate for the case.

How to use our mediation

1. Make an Appointment for a Preliminary Meeting.

Call Gyoseishoshi ADR Center-Tokyo (Tel: 03-5489-7441) from 10:00 to 16:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (except holidays in Japan) to make an appointment.

2. Preliminary Meeting for the explanation about essential matters

We will explain the gist, purpose, fee, etc. of mediation conducted at the Center. Applicants are requested to fully understand the explanation before applying for mediation.

3. Application

Applicants are requested to fill out the application form they receive at the Center on the day of their visit. Applicants are also requested to submit any relevant data and information.

After accepting the application, we will contact the other party in the dispute. When the other party applies to us for mediation, we will appoint a mediator, and then the dialogue will start.

The fee is as follows:

Amount Payment Method Due Time

Application Fee: ¥3,600

Per Diem Fee for the 1st Dialogue Day: ¥3,600

The applicant shall pay the whole amount of ¥7,200 in cash.

At the time of application

Per Diem Fee for the 2nd and Succeeding Dialogue Days: ¥3,600

Both parties shall split the per diem fee in half to pay ¥1,800 per party in cash.

Before commencement of the next dialogue day

*If there is an agreement between both parties on the proportion of defrayment of the application fee and/or the per diem fee, payment may be made according to this proportion.


  • It is the duty of the mediators to maintain the confidentiality of their cases. Our mediation is conducted behind closed doors so that the situation and its details are not divulged to the public.
  • See the Center’s Japanese web pages for the explanation of legal representation according to the ADR Act, flow chart of the process prior to applying, and map of the office location.

A Division of Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Association


(Inquiries Accepted from 10:00 to 16:00 on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays expect holidays in Japan.)